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New species in Latvia observed /2011.04.5 12:08/

In 3rd of April 2011 Ritvars Rekmanis and Gaidis Grandāns in Cape Kolka observed Southern Caracara (Caracara Plancus)!


Probably the same bird was observed in Denmark and Sweden during last year. Last observation was in february 2011 in Oland island, Sweden.


Interesting is the fact, that this Southern bird species was able to survive in last winter, which was quite hard for many local birds.

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Birds of Kemeri National Park with 35% discount /2011.03.9 20:30/

A total of 255 bird species have been positively recorded in Kemeri National park.


Book ilustrated with great images. All of them made within Kemeri National park territory. In every chapter there is summary in English. Book contain analysis and valuable information on bird fauna from year 1880 until year 2006. More than 200 references included! For the very first time in Latvian history analysis about "bird of prey shooting programm" which took place in mid-20th century has been made.


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How does look like your backyard bird nest box? /2011.03.9 20:06/

Baltic Nature Tourism Conference /2011.02.14 21:14/

Nature Tourism Conference: Policies – Products - Practices

The conference will provide a forum bringing together nature conservation and tourism development sectors.  We regard it highly practical to unite different initiatives from the European to the local level in one event which allows to exchange know-how, to mutually benefit from the practical results and possibly to extent your networks for future joint activities.


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Birding Challenge - the shortest Day of the Year 2010 /2010.12.24 09:51/

The most interesting observations of this year’s challenge:

  • Lapland Longspur Calcarius lapponicus (photo) in Liepaja (M.Tirums, M.Strazds);
  • Turtle Dove Streptopelia turtur in Liepaja (S.Berzina);
  • Northern Hawk Owl Surnia ulula near Valka town (G.Grandans, G.Aizupiete, twitched by D.Jansons)
  • Razorbill Alca torda and 2 Woodlarks Lullula arborea in Liepaja (K.Millers).


4 out of first 5 places took our guides!



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Follow us in twitter /2010.12.21 12:27/

Follow our tweets @MotacillaTweet


News from us, articles about Latvian nature, photo galleries and more!

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Nature Concerthall 2010 /2010.06.10 14:05/


Nature Concerthall 2010

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Battle of Towers 2010 /2010.05.19 16:16/

22 - 23 May will happen traditional birdwatching competiton "Battle of Towers 2010" .

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The annual seminar "Owls 2010" /2010.03.3 11:41/

6th on March will be provided the annual seminar "Owls 2010" in Information center of Riga's ZOO National park.


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