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Nest boxes

Bird appreciate nest boxes! Common Starling is flying back and forth, seems that bird is preparing nest.


It is nice to watch Great Tits in the morning sun sitting on nest box anvil.


Garden is swarming with life!


Krists Ozolins

2011.04.19 09:35

Spring in Argentina


2010.12.23 21:31

Lamprey tour

Dear Valters and Maris,


Thank you for a very good time in Latvia. Trip was very good.


Kjell Sjöberg, Sweden

2010.12.6 22:28

Birdwatching in northern Latvia

We were on tour in Latvia, everything went well, just like last year. Weather was fine, and we found so many bird species.


Maris is an excellent guide!


But in the future, if we visit Latvia, Motacilla is the first place we will contact.


Thank you again, and have a great summer!


Jarmo Uimonen, Finland

2010.06.7 13:28

Birdwatching in Northern Latvia

Ilze and Maris,


On behalf of the Ornithological Society of Pori I express our sincere gratitude about the arrangements of the tour.


The large knowledge of Maris about the Latvian avifauna and recent trends was admired greatly and everybody learned a great deal about it.


The mid-May was perhaps the most beautiful time of the year to visit Latvia, because the leaves were just bursting out on the trees and the fields flowered yellow with the dandelions. The wonderfully green countryside of Eastern Latvia made a great impression to us.


The silent mornings were admired greatly - and the concert of Orioles, Blyth´s Warblers, Hawfinches, Goldfinches. These species are quite rare in SW Finland. The exotic south was seen in the fish-ponds: White Egrets, Black and White-winged Terns, Black-necked Grebes - new acquaintances for most of us. Flight of the Lesser Spotted eagles was of course something to admire.


The Grasu Pils hotel was an excellent choice with an early morning Middle Spotted Woodpecker in the park. It was a lovely idea to visit the goat farm near Cesvaine. The goat sausages were favoured in two ways: some liked it very much, for some it was, hmm let´s say a little bit too exotic.


The arrangements were good, and everybody had a very good feeling after the trip. Many wondered that why didn´t I have been bird-watching in Baltic States before.


Janne Lampolahti, Finland

2010.06.1 14:56

Control of nest boxes

Thank you for opportunity to experience the process of nest box control and to see how ornithologists are working in the field.


In addition I learn some new bird songs and calls.


Ieva Klavina, Latvia*


*- translated from latvian

2010.05.20 12:02

Birdwatching in Seda's bog from the 'peat railcar'

I'm very thankfull to Edgars and all other participants for the pleasant day in Seda's marsh and it's surrounding!


Thank you for Grey-headed Woodpecker and other species that were observed.


I was so delighted for the opportunity to spend the whole day together with a professional ornithologist!

Thank you as well for the beautiful scenery. I would gladly visit those places again.


Antra Purina, Latvia*

*- translated from latvian

2010.04.19 14:38

Spring time migration in Kurzeme

I"m still in my thoughts somewhere in the Kurzeme, together with swans and water birds. This experience is indescribable.

Thanks to you and the birds and the beautiful nature of Latvia.

Velga Zegnere, Latvia*

*- translated from latvian

2010.04.13 11:35

Cranes, cranes and few more thousands of cranes

Thank you all for such an educational and likely event! It was very exciting to be together with such energetic, knowledgeable and lively guides for two days. Thank you also for the delicious meals. The sunset we where able to observe in saturday"s evening will remain in memory for a long time.

Thank you once again and we shall certainly meet again!

Daiga Mozeika, Latvia



The excursion was fabulous! I would like to say a big thanks to your guides - Gaidis and Andris. They led us everywhere possible and they answered all our questions about bird watching. Thank you a lot, i"m heartily expecting the next excursion!

Anna Afonova

2009.09.23 10:18

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