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We have there in Latvia four seasons! The length of the day differs in winter and in summer.  

Latvia's weather features a temperate maritime climate, with mild summers, moderate winters and frequently high levels of humidity and precipitation.

The average temperature: in summer +17.8°C , in winter -4.5°C, although some days it can get very hot in summer and very cold in winter. 


In latitudes of Latvia the weather often is unpredictable and changeable. That's why when going birdwatching, you should think in good time what to wear.


Before each birdwatching you should think over what is the destination point, because by the sea there is always more windy and chilly than in the inland. You should watch also the weather forecast - if you go birdwatching on a hot summer day, you should take into account that an unexpected thunderstorm or rainstorm could take you by surprise.


In any case a birdwatcher should be equipped both with waterproof boots (and an extra pair of footwear) and a warm - wind and rainfall holding clothing, as well as headdress.



Character of the excursions

To the best birdwatching places we go by comfortable buses or minibuses, depending on the number of the people in the group.

Birdwatching itself is simply walking, but the distances are little, and the excursions are not physically exhausting. You should take into account only the season, the weather and wear proper and convenient clothing.

For better birdwatching in the excursion plan there could be also included travelling by boat.



In the hotels we usually offer double rooms with separate beds. If you wish a single room, please specify it in the application form.

The main transport for groups is a comfortable bus with conditioner, convenient seats and luggage desk.

For small groups there could be used minivans or minibuses.



Generally there are three main mealtimes in Latvia - breakfast (6.30-8.00), lunch (13.00-14.30) and dinner (19.30-20.00).

In the hotels the breakfast usually is included in the price.

Lunch is the main mealtime in Latvia. We can organize for you either lunch boxes or order the lunch in some restaurant, café or bistro.

Dinner is offered taking into account your choice and possibilities.

We can arrange also coffee breaks if necessary. 

The possibility to pay with credit cards is not provided in all the stores and shops in Latvia (especially in the country), that's why, please, take some cash with you in case you would like to buy some refreshments.

In the application form, please specify in the comments whether you are or are not vegetarian or vegan.


Additional information

Excursions are intended for birdwatchers of all the ages in good health. In case you need a special medication, please, take care of it. Our tour guides have only a small first-aid box with the materials needed to deal with small injuries. 

When going into the forest or walking near the rivers it is advisable to have an anti-insect spray. Ticks that are found in Latvian forests have high infection level that's why it is advisable to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis.


Travel safely! Check your choise in oficial tour operator data base

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