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This Swift NestBox has been handcrafted in 21mm Redwood Cedar, built to last for many years!

Ideally placed out of direct sunlight (facing North, NE or NW) at least 4-5 metres off the ground under eaves or on a wall, it can be put in a tree but swifts like a clear unobstructed flight path.

Swift Box Dimensions

Entrance hole: 55 x 32mm.

Length: 460mm

Depth: 180mm

Width: 180mm

Front panel can be completely removed for easy cleaning access, the roof has a slight incline to quickly disperse water and there are two drain holes in the nestbox floor.


The Camera - All of our nest box cameras are manufactured to our own specification and exacting standards. The camera used in this kit is one of our HIGH RESOLUTION CCD type cameras and has a resolution of 420TVL (TV Lines). This will produce great black and white images day and night as it also has built in infrared night vision. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye and to birds so it will not affect their natural roosting/nesting process in any way. A built in highly sensitive microphone helps you to hear as well as see whats going on inside the swift box too. Finally, the camera also has an adjustable focus lens which is pre-focused to the correct position but can be easily adjusted at a later date should you require.

The Rest Of The System - Consists of a professional cable connected to the installed camera inside the swift box. The other end of the cable has three connectors. They are black, yellow and white. The black one is for power and connects to the 12V DC power adaptor supplied (looks like a mobile phone charger). This plugs into a mains socket. The remaining yellow (video) and white (audio) connectors plug into a spare AV socket on your TV, video recorder or DVD recorder. This can be either a spare scart socket (usually found on the back of the TV or video/DVD recorder) using the scart adaptor supplied or the three RCA type phono sockets (3x round, yellow, white and red sockets) on the front or side of your TV/Video/DVD recorder. Connect the yellow-to-yellow, white-to-white, switch on the 12v mains adaptor, then select the appropriate AV channel on your TV using your TV remote control.

Also see our Swift Calls CD, you will have the option to add this to your basket with this Swift nestbox at the checkout stage

This kit contains:

  • High quality western red cedar swift box 
  • High quality, high resolution B&W CCD camera (420TVL resolution) with built in Infra Red Illumination enabling viewing 24 hours.
  • Integral microphone to hear as well as see whats going on inside the Bird Box.
  • User adjustable focus lens. 
  • Professional cable that plugs straight into your TV. Cable Lengths in the drop down box (above)
  • 12v Regulated Mains adaptor
  • Fixing Kit
  • Scart Adapter
  • Instruction sheet full of useful tips to help maximise the chances of swifts nesting in your new box.


Would you like to connect this camera system to your computer?

This kit can be connected straight to your computer if you have the appropriate connections. Look for a round yellow socket (the same as on your TV) on the back of your PC. If you have one of these connectors on your PC it will most likely be on the graphics card, a TV card or a dedicated capture card. If you dont have this connection or you plan to use a laptop we would recommend using one of our Video to USB adaptors. All you need is a spare USB socket. Software is supplied to get you started (we have XP/Vista and Apple Mac versions available). We also recommend I-catcher Wildlife available here. This has full motion detection capabilities and much more!

The system is supplied with clear, easy to follow instructions.

The specifications for this product are as follows:

Camera: Sony CCD Black & White
Camera Lens: 1/3 ~ 92dgs angle
Infrared (IR): Yes
Audio: Yes
Video System: PAL 512x580
Sync System: Auto
Resolution: 420TVL
Minimum Illumination: 0.5Lux f1.4
AGC: Auto
White Balance: Auto
BLC: Auto
Electronic Shutter: 1/50~ 1/10,000 sec
Power: 12v DC Regulator Supplied
Camera Consumption: 150mA
Cable Length:

30 Meter



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