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Side View Camera Bird Box


The BEST Side View Nest Box Camera System available on the market today!


View inside box Gardenature continues to wow wildlife lovers around the world with our exciting range of affordable, easy to use Wildlife Camera Systems.


We’ve taken our award winning Nest Box Camera System and added a unique twist by literally turning the traditional nest box design on it’s head….well almost!


The new SIDE VIEW BOX design offers garden birds a warm and secure place to raise their family but offers the viewer a unique side on view (including the entrance hole) rather than the traditional top down view. Although side view nest box camera systems have been attempted in the past they needed to be larger nest boxes with a glass or clear Perspex divider between the camera and the nest to achieve the appropriate viewing angle. However, this causes a number of problems, the main two being:


  • Infrared light reflection from the glass divider (if the camera has Infrared nightvision built in)
  • The inside of a nest box can be a messy place. Although the parents try their best to keep the nest clean this inevitably leads to any glass divider becoming smeared and dirty, which can ruin your view.


This innovative gardenature design eliminates these problems as it does not require a glass divider.  The camera body and connections are mounted behind an opaque plastic panel fitted with a small slot for the camera lens to peep through. As the camera is mounted at the top of the sloping side wall, nesting material and mess is kept well away in the nesting well at the base of the box.


A fantastic system containing everything you need. The high quality mini video camera provides colour images during the day and black & white images at night. There is also a built in microphone so you can hear as well as see whats going on. This system will be delivered fully assembled and tested so all you have to do is position the box, plug it in and start watching!






1. The nest well - providing a warm, safe place for birds to nest. The ODD BOX follows RSPB and BTO recommendations.

2. Small window - to allow just enough natural light inside the box to help provide great colour images.

3. Camera Compartment - keeps camera, connections and other components away from the birds.

4. Plug n Play Cable - Various lengths available. WIRELESS option also available.


This system offers unique Side View images including the entrance hole.

Inside the ODD BOX


Very easy to set up and hours of fun for everyone!



You may find cheaper but you wont find BETTER....

We concentrate on producing simple, well designed systems using the best quality components we can find. We don't include lots of unnecessary extras as we feel every penny spent on those extras is a penny less spent on the core components - the camera, nest box, cable etc, which afterall, are the most important parts of your system.

So what do you get for your money?

The Nest Box - Our Side View nestbox offers market leading quality and value for money. The box is hand built in our own workshops from high grade Western Red Cedar (sourced from well managed forests) and follows guidelines suggested by the RSPB and British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). The bird box has a removable front panel with a 32mm entrance hole and is suitable for the widest range of garden birds including:

  • Blue Tits
  • Coal Tits
  • Marsh Tits
  • Great Tits
  • House Sparrows

You may read in various publications that the entrance hole must be a particular size to attract a specific species of bird (eg. 25mm for Blue Tits etc). However, these are purely GUIDELINES and our experience has shown (including consultation with the RSPB for supply of their branded kit) that a 32mm hole will not deter Blue Tits, or any of the other small hole nesting garden birds in the slightest. Using a 32mm hole maximises the chances of a pair of birds nesting in the box.

The nest box has a small camera compartment to house the camera and connections. A quick release camera mounting bracket is also fitted to hold the camera in the optimum position.

The Camera - All of our birdbox cameras are manufactured to our own specification and exacting standards. The camera used in this kit is one of our CMOS type cameras and has a resolution of 420TVL (TV Lines). This will produce great colour images during the day and black & white images at night as it also has built in infrared night-vision. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye and to birds so it will not affect their natural roosting/nesting process in any way. We use a specific type of Infra red light designed to give the optimum illumination levels inside our nest boxes. This virtually eliminates the bright white spot (known as white out) that plagues many other kits available, producing great images whatever time of day or night you are viewing. A built in highly sensitive microphone helps you to hear as well as see what's going on inside the box too. Finally, the camera also has an adjustable focus lens. This is pre-focused to the correct position but can be easily adjusted at a later date should you require.

The Rest Of The System - Consists of a 20m weatherproof cable connected to the camera in the roof of the nest box. The other end of the cable has three connectors. They are black, yellow and white. The black one is for power and connects to the 12V DC power adaptor supplied (looks like a mobile phone charger), this plugs into a 3pin mains socket. The remaining yellow (video) and white (audio) connectors plug into a spare AV socket on your TV, video recorder or DVD recorder. This can be either a spare scart socket (usually found on the back of the TV or video/DVD recorder) using the scart adaptor supplied or the three RCA type phono sockets (3x round, yellow, white and red sockets) on the front or side of your TV/Video/DVD recorder. Connect the yellow-to-yellow and white-to-white, switch on the 12v mains adaptor, then select the appropriate AV channel on your TV using your TV remote control.

This kit contains:

  • High quality bird box with integrated camera compartment and quick release camera bracket (Camera can easily be moved between boxes)
  • A High quality, standard resolution COLOUR CMOS camera (420TVL resolution) with built in Infra Red illumination enabling viewing 24 hours a day. (Colour images during the day and B&W images at night).
  • Integral microphone to hear as well as see what is going on inside the Bird Box.
  • User adjustable focus lens to ensure pin sharp images
  • 20m of professional cable (wired kit only). Simply plug straight into your TV
  • 12v Regulated Mains adaptor
  • Fixing Kit
  • Scart Adapter
  • Instruction sheet full of useful tips to help maximise the chances of birds nesting in your new box.


Would you like to connect your camera kit to a computer?

This kit can be connected straight to your computer if you have the appropriate connections. Look for a round yellow socket (the same as on your TV) on the back of your PC. If you have one of these connectors on your PC it will most likely be on the graphics card, a TV card or a dedicated capture card. If you don't have this connection or you plan to use a laptop we would recommend using one of our Video to USB adaptors. All you need is a spare USB socket and an audio jack input socket (most computers will have these). Software is supplied to get you started (we have XP/Vista and Apple Mac versions available) but once connected you can pretty much use any piece of software that can accept a live video input (eg. most webcam software). We would recommend I-catcher Wildlife available here. This has full motion detection capabilities and much more!

The nestbox camera system is supplied with clear, easy to follow instructions. You will also find lots of other useful information in our Advice and FAQ sections too.

You will have the opportunity to add accessories to this kit such as extension cables and the video to USB adaptor after you click on the ADD TO BASKET button above.


The specifications for this product are as follows:

Area required for fixing: H 325 x W330 x D170 mm
Audio: Highly Sensitive Microphone built in
Cable Length: 20m
Camera Resolution: Up to 420TVL
Camera Sensor: 1/4" CMOS COLOUR
LEDs IR (night vision): Yes
Lens: f=3.6mm / F=2.0
Lens Angle: 110 Deg
Max Current Consumption: 100mA
Min Operating Temperature: -10Deg C
Nest Box Material: Western Red Cedar
Operating Voltage: 12v DC

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